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An ancient force has risen from the depths of Freljords eternal glaciers. Pingu, known by most as 'The Guide', has been a gruesome myth among the Runeterran population. Now, he surfaced and proved the old stories right.



Few have lived to tell the tale of this fearsome creature. Wherever Pingu emerges, he leaves behind a trail of destruction and a degree devastation only hinting at the bloody violence this wicked beast makes use of.

Scientists from all over Valorant agree on one thing: In no possible way can Pingu be from this world and he must have been jammed in the ice of Freljord for many centuries.

"You go through war, or you perish."


The origin of this merciless slayer is still completely unknown. Certain events are hinting at the possibility that Pingu entered Runeterra through The Void. After being imprisoned for over 1000 years Pingu appointed himself the newest addition to the Fields of Justice. As Noxus and Ionia voiced their concern, Pingu threw a tantrum and levelled several villages and landscapes.

How Pingu was able to escape Freljords eternal glaciers is a mystery. Ashe, Queen of Freljord, urged to be on the lookout for an accomplice of Pingus.

No one knows where Pingu is lingering or where he will show up next. The members of the Lightshield line have gathered around their King, Jarvan III to discuss alliances with all other major cities of Valorant to confront the new evil. The brightest inventors of Piltover are said to be working on a secret weapon powerful enough to eradicate Pingus immense powers. Others are researching The Guide's origin to ultimately find a way to lock him up forever in the glaciers from which he rose.

"Through the storm and across the battlefields we march."